The Infinite Disruption

The universe is made up of things you can't see or touch. You know of their existence by the reaction they produce. You don't see time passing by, but you do notice its effects and consequences.
You can't touch the energy, but you know it's all around you.

There is a state beyond something solid, liquid or gaseous, an ethereal fluid that surprises because of its ability to expand and adapt to any place, to any situation.

About Us

At ETHR we create and drive new models of digital business


Unknown territories for establishing new business and paradigms driven by intangibles


We transcend the customer-supplier model and define new forms of joint operation of the new business


We neither build nor reuse resources. We harness assets

We are ETHR, the new way of doing business
We adapt to your company transforming it completely. We innovate. We occupy spaces that are still to be discovered. We are brave, creative, pioneers and will help your organization in developing its future.

We are ETHR
We are Digital Matter

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